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The author related the story of Ken’s battle against cancer. Brain Cancer Treatment Side EffectsKen was the founder of an all-Indonesian advertising company after having been inspired by Joe Darion’s “The Impossible Dream.” In short, he was a successful businessman who built this empire from scratch after having dreamt a dream. Ken’s battle against the “unbeatable foe” started shortly after Chinese New Year 2004, when he suddenly fell ill. The doctors in his country did not know what had gone wrong with him.

Ken and his wife went to Singapore and after two weeks of intensive investigations, Ken was diagnosed with Stage 4 lymphoma. It was said that this cancer was rather unique, since it only attacked his backbone leaving other organs intact. Ken underwent chemotherapy in Singapore and within six months he was said to have conquered his cancer. “Cancer-free”, Ken returned to his country feeling satisfied and grateful. However, the victory was short-lived! Two months later Ken suffered a relapse and he needed his oncologist again. The next option for Ken was to undergo bone marrow transplant (BMT). He was made to understand that BMT is the state-of-the-art procedure – the most modern of medical technology against cancer! Elated, Ken agreed and underwent a high-dose chemotherapy in preparation of his BMT. Unfortunately, the BMT did not cure him. Ken suffered a second relapse. The author said that Ken had to sell his first house to pay for his medical treatment in Singapore. A second BMT was recommended and Ken again agreed to it. In early September 2004, the author had an opportunity to visit Ken in Singapore where he was still undergoing medical treatment. Ken invited the author to the “Top of the M”, a revolving restaurant in a famous hotel.

At that time Ken was fitted with a state-of-the art “chemo-pump” which he carried around with him, Ken proudly told his friend: “This is the mother of chemotherapy” that he was wearing! While dining, Ken expressed his vision that one day, in the years to come, he would like to publish a bulletin giving information about how patients can fight this cancer war. Now that he had himself gone through this “fight” and had learnt a lot.